Chuck Walton: I Salute You

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I have a set of priorities in my life, and almost astonishingly cinema attendance is actually only fourth on my list (behind wife, work and singing, and just ahead of trying to lose weight and supporting my three favourite sports teams). Despite that, I am still managing to average two movies a week this year and to write this blog, so I can’t be doing bad. But no matter what you do in life, you always get the feeling there’s someone better, or madder (or both) out there. Step forward Chuck Walton.

Chuck has decided, for reasons probably best known to himself, to do what I did two years ago, to watch 100 movies. However, I did mine in a year, and had the comfort of four very decent multiplexes or art house cinemas in my local area. What Chuck is doing is watching those 100 movies in 100 days, at 100 different screens. He’s also subsisting on what he can find at those theaters (for he is American) and by day 55 had put on 15 pounds, apparently.

There’s a number of other things he’s driven to that I don’t have to do: firstly, he’s watching something, no matter what the quality, so he’s seen Killers and Marmaduke. Secondly, he’s also catching old movies, whereas I prefer the thrill of the new. Thirdly, he’s eating cinema food, something I’ve tried to really cut down on in my constant visits, because sooner or later, it’ll do to you what it’s doing to Chuck. And fourthly, he’s putting in the miles – I understand his girlfriend has gone to her mother’s until he completes this. My wife is very understanding of my hobby (thankfully, otherwise the cinema wouldn’t be the only time I’m on my own), but this has the feeling of the extreme marathon runner. I’ve widened my horizons this year, and have been to eight cinemas for my 52, but Chuck, as with everything else, has to push it that little bit further.

But this is movie obsession taken to extreme levels, and extensively blogged on the whole time. He’s on day 63 at time of writing, and looks like he’s going to go all the way. And for that, Chuck Walton, I salute you.

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