Review of 2010

2010 was a pivotal year, in which I started blogging and began a true cinema adventure. I have written some words to explore every corner of that rich experience, so you too can live the life that I lived. Ideally with less caffeine overdosing and bum cramp.

Here is ye olde review of the year from the distant past of historie that is the Year of our Lord Two Thousand And Ten.

Parte the firste, in which I did verily chooseth my favouriteth half dozen of trailers for said year.

The Half Dozen Best Trailers Of 2010

Parte the seconde, in which I didst draw your attentions to ten films which ye may not have borne witness to.

Ten Movies You Should Have Seen And Probably Didn’t

Parte the third, in which I didst believe myself to be of good humours and presenteth the evidence thusly.

My Favourite Dozen Movie Pitches (What I Wrote)

Parte the fourth, in which I dissecteth differences of opinion with my peers in an evidentiary fashion.

5 Movies Which I Didn’t Like That Much, But Most People Seemingly Did

Parte the fifth, in which I examined my influence on the viewing proclivities of that venerable community knownst as The Internets.

The Top 20 Reviews Of Mine, By Hit Count

Parte the sixth, in which I didst give good graces to fellow men and women whom hadst inspireth me greatly on my journey.

Five Things I Loved This Year That Aren’t Actual Films

Parte the seventh, in which I didst contemplate on the nature of my experience and the overflowing bounty of my existence.

My Ten Best Cinematic Experiences

And finally, parte the eighth, in which I didst select the two score most worthy compositions of the twelve months.

My Top 40 Movies Of 2010

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