Take One

Take One

So I started this blog in 2010 out of a love of film, and a feeling that I was watching enough of it that I ought to be doing something with that knowledge. After two years my writing attracted the attention of Cambridge community radio show Bums On Seats at the Cambridge Film Festival, and after appearances on the two festival shows that year I’ve gone on to over two dozen appearances on the show. Sometime after that, at a point lost in the mists of time and now passed into folklore that will be handed down from generation to generation (or more exactly, I forget when), I was also drawn into contributing for Take One and in 2013 I contributed a number of articles and reviews during the Cambridge Film Festival. I am also now doing the same for the 2014 festival, and hope to continue to contribute to Take One in the future.

What’s Take One, I hear you ask? Here’s some words I shamelessly stole from their About page:

TAKE ONE is an independent film magazine and website run by volunteers. We cover the best in 
independent and festival cinema year round and every September we are officially responsible
for the full, comprehensive coverage of the Cambridge Film Festival.
Film festivals we have covered include Edinburgh, London, Film Africa, London Korean, San
Sebastian, Africa In Motion, Belfast, Raindance and many more . We have covered select festivals
such as the British Silent Film Festival in print, and we continue to expand our reporting from 
events and film festivals around the world.
TAKE ONE evolved in 2011 from the original Cambridge Film Festival Daily as the official source 
of news, reviews and interviews on all films screened during the Cambridge Film Festival. The 
first hard copy issue of TAKE ONE was distributed around Cambridge on September 8th 2011, and
the website officially launched in November 2011 and runs throughout the year. With Cambridge
105′s Bums On Seats radio show, we are also jointly responsible for the monthly Arts Picturehouse
film quiz in Cambridge.

Here are the articles and reviews I’ve written so far:




Tridentfest review

Honour review

Bring Me The Head Of Machine Gun Woman review

In the Shadow Of The Sun review

Project Trident interview

Fireworks Wednesday review

Hannah Arendt review

Particle Fever review

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