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The Half Dozen: 6 Most Interesting Looking Trailers For December 2011

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And here we are, the end of another year, and my first full year writing this blog. For me on a personal level, it’s been a journey I couldn’t have possibly envisaged, as it’s been one where I’ve watched more and more films, but sadly a busy work life and a training course outside of work mean that a few things have had to give, sadly including writing the blog at various points. But I’ve already managed to fit in 157 films in the cinema this year, about three a week, already 30 more than my previous record last year.

But December is always a busy month, with Christmas shopping and carol singing and stuffing turkeys and the like. Of my 127 last year, only six were in December, and this year may represent a similar challenge; as well as doing the equivalent of two full time jobs at the moment, I will be singing in a minimum of thirteen carol concerts and stuffing at least one turkey. (Or possibly a couple of poussin or a guinea fowl; even a teeny tiney turkey is a lot for Mrs Evangelist and I to get through on our own.)

So with film watching time at a premium, some tough choices have to be made. The biggest disappointment this year is the lack of any new Christmas films at Christmas, not least because someone decided it was a good idea to release Arthur Christmas in the middle of November. Last year’s Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale was an unexpected treat, but for a seasonal flavour this year you’ll have to track down one of the many showings of classic Christmas films at your local flicks, such as It’s A Wonderful Life, Die Hard or The Muppet Christmas Carol. I heartily recommend all of the above on the big screen if you get the opportunity, though.

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