Dub Be Good To Me: Why the lack of love for subtitles?

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Nearly two weeks ago, I had a wonderful weekend at the Empire / BFI Movie-Con in London. Among the movie previews, trailers and Q & A sessions, there were some unexpected treats, not least for this Belgian animated movie from last year, soon to receive a limited cinematic run in this country.

The most refreshing thing about this trailer for me was not only the wonderfully off-the-wall, absurdist humour, but the fact that the trailer itself was in French with English subtitles. I get the same thrill each time a foreign language film has a trailer which sticks to its principles and its original language, which sadly isn’t always. I’ve now seen 71 movies in a cinema this year, and a fair proportion of those have been not in the English language. The list is currently as follows:

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