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The Half Dozen: 6 Most Interesting Looking Trailers For January 2012

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It’s 2012! Year of The Avengers, The Hobbit, The Dark Knight rising, The Spider-Man being hopefully Amazing and The Bond Falling out of the Sky. Forget your Olympics and your Jubliees, 2012 is the biggest year in film sequels / prequels / reimaginings / continuing series with the same character that have a very confused continuity ever. Yes, I said EVER. If you’re not excited about this year, then please visit a doctor immediately to be checked for a pulse.

Of course, when you see as many films as I do, it’s not all about the big summer (or winter) blockbusters. Just as the year is divided into seasons, so the Movie Evangelist’s year is also made up of four periods with a vaguely connected theme: Awards Season, Blockbuster Season, Film Festival Season and Busy Singing Christmas Carols So Not Getting To The Cinema Enough Season. We’re slap bang in Awards Season right now, so trailers abound for the likes of award worthy films like The Iron Lady and J. Edgar. While a couple of my picks this month have troubled the awards list compilers, there’s still plenty of stuff in cinemas for those that have a slightly different sensibility. For your consideration this month:


Alison Pill for Best Actress That Has Tiny Roles In Good Movies We Should See More Of

Seann William Scott for Best Attempt To Work Within The Limitations Of Your Career

Liev Schrieber for The Jason Isaacs Award For Best Facial Hair


Michael Fassbender for Best Actor Who Could Be James Bond Next

Carey Mulligan for Best Actress Who’s Quite Similar In Most Of Her Films

Steve McQueen for Best Artist Turned Director

Margin Call

Kevin Spacey for Best Actor From Fifteen Years Ago Who Inexplicably Stopped Being In Good Films For A Long Time

Jeremy Irons for Best Enunciation

Demi Moore for absolutely nothing whatsoever (speaking in a monotone isn’t acting love – sorry)

A Useful Life

A Useful Life for Best Foreign Language Film Of The Month In Black And White That Isn’t The Artist


Gerard Butler for Best Actor Willing To Lower Himself To Pretty Much Anything But Nice To See Him In Something With Quality

Ralph Fiennes for Best Director Wanting To Make An Action Film, Shakespeare Or Not. (Who knew?)

William Shakespeare for Best Original Screenplay for Gladiator. Apparently.

The Grey

Liam Neeson for Best Fight With Wolves With Broken Bottles Strapped To Your Knuckles. That is all. (Frankly, what more do you need. This looks amazeballs.)