Little White Lies

Goldilocks And The Three Films (With Apologies To Roald Dahl)

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Goldie Hawn. Lives with Kurt Russell. Not bears.
You may have heard about Goldie and bears,
Of porridge and beds, the usual affairs,
But you may not know it all ended OK,
The foursome still sharing a house to this day.
But porridge and sleep can soon lose their thrill,
How else can this foursome get them their fill?
“I know,” said Goldie,”how we’ll get our kicks,
Let’s see what’s showing at our local flicks.”
“Cracking!” said Mother, “but what shall we see?
On what we should watch we never agree?”
“That’s fine,” cried Goldilocks, “I’ll make a call,
To keep us all happy I’ll go with you all.
You each choose a film that you really must see,
And then I’ll accompany all of you three.”
“Fantastic!” said Daddy Bear, “I shall go first,
Because Mummy’s choices are always the worst.”
Dad's choice: Little White Lies
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