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Bond Legacy: Diamonds Are Forever

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Although he failed the audition for Red Dwarf, he was sure the spare heads would come in handy soon.

After last month’s dalliance with an Australian model for the Bond head honchos (and my dalliance with poetry for this particular thread), it’s business as usual for Bond this month. After On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, the following conversation took place between Cubby Broccoli and Sean Connery:

“Sean, baby, it’s not working without you. Please come back.”
“Chertainly not.”
“Oh go on. Please.”
“Shurely I’m done with all this nonshenche?”
“We’ll give you a million dollars.”
“I’m schtill not schure.”
“A million and a quarter?”
“Shee you on the shet.”

So Connery was back for one last outing, and with him was yet another new Blofeld. At least Bond recognised him this time, but as to whether he was that bothered about the climactic events of the last film is anyone’s guess, as Bond pursues one of the more casual vendettas ever committed to celluloid. And casual is the name of the game – despite getting paid his own Fort Knox worth of cold, hard cash, this really does feel like a by-the-numbers Bond, with very little to make it stand out from previous entries. As a consequence, the legacy of this particular Bond is somewhat harder to come by than previous entries; if anything, it’s easier to spot the previous legacies of Connery’s Bonds repeating their effect on this one. Read the rest of this entry »