Review: The Crazies

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The Pitch: Small Town In Iowa Of The Dead.

The Review: Ever since Shaun of the Dead and 28 Days Later, there’s been a renaissance in zombie movies and other similar horror movies. So is there anything left to offer to the zombie-type horror movie?

Well yes, but not a huge amount. Remaking movies that you’ve not heard of is probably better than a dodgy remake of a classic, but there’s only glimmers of new ideas here – some of the best moments have not only been used in other recent movies, but sometimes get a repeat airing within the running time of this movie.

Most of the characters are cyphers, but you’re still left occasionally guessing as to who will make it out alive. Sadly, some gaping holes in the logic undermine what momentum the movie has built up, and by the end some occasionally effective moments are all that linger, rather than the film itself.

Why see it at the cinema: Horror films are always better when they get the benefit of the collective shock experience, and this is no exception.

The Score: 5/10