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The Half Dozen: 6 Most Interesting Looking Trailers For February 2011

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Did I mention it's my birthday this month?

February is always a month that I greet with a tiny amount of dread. Not just because it’s the month in which my birthday falls, so it’s another year closer to all my hair falling out and joining the ranks of the OAP screenings with tea and biscuits (which is fine; I happen to quite like tea and biscuits, now you mention it), but also because February normally marks the falling of the Oscars. That means that the “awards corridor”, as it seems to be known now, will come to an end, and the quantity and frequency of high quality releases will drop off for a few months.

So we can but make the most of it before it’s too late. There’s an amazing amount of new releases out this month, and trimming the list down to six has been a real challenge. Not making the cut were the variety of awards troublers still making their escape before the Oscars, including The Fighter, Never Let Me Go, Rabbit Hole and Brighton Rock, all of which had trailers which felt entirely too conventional or spoilerific. More disappointing was the omission of Frost / Pegg love-in Paul, which I saw a fantastic preview for at Movie-Con last year, but for which the promotional material since has been of a noticeably lower standard.

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