The Half Dozen: 6 Most Interesting Looking Movies For July 2011

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Trailers time again. We’re now in the peak of the summer season, but apart from one week when Harry Potter and the Whatever Thingy will be on in every screen in your local multiplex, there seems to be a lot on offer and most of it should stand at least a chance of nabbing one of the smaller screens in your art house or larger multiplex. I’ve left out Harry Potter, as it’s another one of those that you’ll not even be worried about seeing the trailer if you’re a fan, and you’ll not want to see the trailer if you’re not, even though it is an extremely well put together promo and bodes well for the end of the franchise.

I’ve also left out The Tree Of Life. The trailer did leave me slightly cold, but not anywhere near as cold as I felt when I watched the only previous Malick film I’ve seen in a cinema, The Thin Red Line, and even with an intermission I can’t remember the last time a film tested my patience quite as much. I hope that my tastes have matured somewhat in the thirteen years since that came out, but I’ll hopefully find out this week one way or the other.

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