The Half Dozen: 6 Most Interesting Looking Movies for July

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Blimey, month two of my trailer countdown already. You may remember last month I picked out six movies that looked interesting, although not necessarily good, and I’m pleased to say in the interests of my blog that I’ve done, oh… embarrassingly badly – from that selection, I saw two 8/10 movies, a 5/10, there’s one I’m intending to see next week (The Brothers Bloom), and two (Tetro and The Time That Remains) that just didn’t hang around for long enough for me to catch. Apologies if it feels I’ve not really put the effort in on that one – I can only hope that the rest of this blog isn’t as half-arsed.

Guess it helps this month that I have tickets for two of these already? Not making the cut this month are The A Team and The Karate Kid, both of which look kind of interesting, but not enough to make the list, and The Concert, which doesn’t open near me until August, although it might be near you sooner. Click on title for trailer, y’see?


I’m interested in this, primarily for trying to work out if the world really needed another Predator movie, or if this is just an attempt to undo the bad karma of the two AvP movies. If so, it would help to explain why Ridley Scott is also making more Alien movies.

London River

Not sure if she still does, but Brenda Blethyn used to live in my home town. Other than that, she’s been in a few interesting movies, and maybe the time is ready for a 7/7 movie after all the 9/11 ones.


If excitement was a pie, then this would be one of those world record size pies with 100 chefs that you sometimes see on Guinness world record shows. It would also be made of that fancy steak that comes from cows fed on beer and filled with the finest wines known to humanity. Christopher Nolan made 3 of my 20 favourite movies of the last decade, including my number one (The Prestige – didn’t see that coming, did you?) and if he made a movie out of the phone book, I would watch it because I trust him implicitly. Also, it looks awesome.

Toy Story 3

This is in the top 10 movies of all time on IMDb, it’s the sequel to the two finest computer-animated movies of the nineties and early noughties, has already taken flipping great wodges of cash where it’s opened and frankly, if you’re not excited by this, I don’t want to play with you any more. In three weeks, I will be seeing this and Inception on the same day, in IMAX, if I don’t literally explode with excitement first, covering all around me in fragments of ginger movie blogger.

City Island

Interesting looking cast, including Alan Arkin? Check. First review on IMDb uses the word dysfunctional in its first line? Check. Will this get an airing anywhere near me if Shrek and the Twiglet saga are still sucking up all the spare screens not showing the above two movies? Er…


I still have nightmares to this day about Species, and how toe-curlingly awful it was. That anyone in it still has a career is testament to people’s exceptionally poor memories and willingness to give people a second chance. This looks a bit like it, and some people have enjoyed it. So what they heck, I’ll probably give it a go.

Right, that’s your lot for this month. If anyone’s looking to take bets on how many of these I manage to see, I’d think four would be a strong contender.

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Why I didn’t blog much last week, as described using the Scott Pilgrim trailer

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Gah! All that work getting a blog set up, then it turns out you actually have to keep writing stuff and there are no magical elves, fairies or David Copperfields that will do it for you. So I’ve not managed to generate much in the way of new content in the past week. Here’s what I was up to.

(By the way, I am kind of odd looking and bordering on ginger. I think if he was slightly taller, Michael Cera could play me in The Movie Evangelist: The Movie. This would be very flattering on me, though.)


Started the working week. Worked hard. My wife had the car which meant I was stranded at home. Bummer.


Got a life, or at least what passes for one for me. Out rehearsing for a concert later in the week.


Had phone call from nice man at mobile phone network offering me new iPhone, couriered round to my house the next day. Thanked him very much indeed.

Took up residence by the front door waiting for the package to arrive.


Still sat waiting by letterbox like small child for iPhone to arrive. (See previous image.)

iPhone courier arrived. Slightly less attractive than Mary Elizabeth Winstead, but hey, I’m working with what I’ve got here. (Also, it says “Dong” in that picture. Snigger.)

Fell in love with new iPhone, if you imagine that my phone is Ramona that’s pretty much what happened. Maybe good that you don’t see an actual picture of that. It wasn’t pretty. Especially when the forward camera took a photo of me in extreme close up half way through.


Did the concert. I sing in choirs (I’m a tenor, thanks for asking), but you must understand that any choir willing to draft me in as a last minute extra man can only be about as good as this. Had great time, though.


Fulfilled a fifteen year ambition by going to see They Might Be Giants at the Royal Festival Hall in London. It was about ten kinds of awesome, which I felt washing over me during the evening. The highlight for me was the pirate / James Mason version of “Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Sun Is A Mass Of Incandescent Gas)”. Although maybe you had to be there. (And, as we all know, the sun is actually a miasma of incandescent plasma anyway. Lookee.)


England played Germany at football. This happened to the England team, and most of us watching.

So sorry I’ve not posted much this past week, as you can see it’s been rather hectic. Right, now I’m off to fight seven evil exes.

Or possibly just have breakfast. That’ll be good too.

P.S. If you wondered what the heck this was all about, you’ve obviously not seen this, and beome as stupidly excited as me.

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My iPhone obsession, part 3: My experience of watching movies on my iPhone (and my tiny Nokia before that)

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So now, an adventure into the land of hypocrisy, from where I am likely to emerge bruised and battered. For here I am, writing a blog whose primary function is to advocate that people go to cinemas to see movies, as that’s the best possible way to see them, talking about watching movies on a device with a screen that measures just 3.5 inches on the diagonal. Note to self, this better be good.

And it seems that the debate is raging as hard as it ever has over whether using a mobile is right for watching movies. Roger Ebert tweeted on the subject this very week, and then there’s some good blogs here and here arguing for both sides. So let me explain – I’m in the “it’s OK” camp, but that comes with a few heavy caveats.

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25 Things I Want From A 24 Movie

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WARNING: This article assumes that you have seen all eight seasons of 24, except for the last two episodes of season eight. If you haven’t, best turn back now. I WILL NOT TELL YOU AGAIN! TURN BACK NOW! I’m going to count backwards from three, and then I will kill you… sorry, got carried away there.

And now, the end is near… I have a three point plan which underpins my movie-going habits. Those are in order, so I must confess I’m a blockbuster whore. And that’s why my favourite TV series of the last 10 years is the closest that the small screen has ever come to producing a genuine big screen action blockbuster. Yes, it’s 24, and in the UK tonight it all comes to an end, on the small screen at least, but part of the reason it’s ending is so that it can make the jump to the big screen, no doubt shooting, torturing and shouting as it goes.

And what we’ve been left with is a legacy of eight days in the life of Jack Bauer. Over the course of nine years, or fifteen in the chronology of the show, Jack has been killed twice, stabbed, shot at, almost fatally irradiated, tortured by the Chinese for two years, tortured (sometimes naked) by someone else nearly every season, has had to kill or permit the death of several colleagues, tortured his brother, allowed his father to get blown up, seen his wife killed, his life partner practically lobotomised and his girlfriend gunned down by a sniper. Not forgetting that in that fifteen years, America has been through seven different presidents, of varying moral substance. And through it all, he’s retained the same unflinching commitment to truth, justice, the American way and to inflicting as much pain and suffering as possible in the process. What a guy.

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The Half Dozen: 6 Most Interesting Looking Movies for June

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Thought I’d try an experiment. Seeing the amount of movies that I do, I not only try to plan ahead as far as possible, but it’s my hope that there is enough worth watching each month to justify the amount of my spare time I spend at the cinema. So for this month, I’ve picked out six movies that look interesting.

Just to qualify that description, I’m not saying that these are going to be the best six movies released, just that these six have caught my eye and, unless they get especially bad reviews before release, I’m likely to be lining up to see these at some point.

At the end of the month, I’ll see how far I got with this six, and if anything else I saw should have made this list. Here goes.

EDIT: Apologies, the embedded videos here originally were generating huge amounts of spam, so have been replaced with links. I hope this doesn’t spoil your enjoyment of this page.

The Killer Inside Me

Michael Winterbottom seems to have divided the critics and stirred up controversy with this one. Will be interesting to see if the cast all bring their A-game, especially given the varied acting talents on show.

The Brothers Bloom

Rachel Weisz rarely makes bad choices, and the trailer sells it as a fair amount of fun. Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo are less consistent in the material that they pick, so here’s hoping they picked well. This one does seem to have been hanging around a while, but hopefully that’s not a reflection of the quality.


Refreshing to see Ben Stiller not in a poor quality, mainstream Hollywood comedy, and there looks to be a good supporting cast. Word of mouth looks strong on this one at present.

Wild Target

Here’s where the definition of interesting comes in, because I can’t escape the feeling with this one that this is a collection of people who deserve quality material but should’ve known better. Would like for this to turn out to be good, but I’m nervous.

The Time That Remains

I do like to get a good mix of the art house and the mainstream, and there’s a lot of smaller films coming out this month – this looks to be the pick of that crop.


Francis Ford Coppola is responsible for some of the greatest works of cinema of the seventies, and while this is not expected to be one of his major works, it should still be worth spending time with.

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Why I’m almost feeling sorry for Sex and the City 2

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I’m a middle-aged, heterosexual white man. So if you’re talking demographics, I don’t appear on the target audience for Sex and the City. To me, the most important thing it’s doing this weekend is that it’s showing on 8 of the 31 cinema screens within normal travelling distance for me, so there’s no [REC] 2 playing anywhere near me, and I had to catch Lebanon last week before it got shunted off. (And if you like claustrophobic war movies, you should catch it too, but I digress.)

But I became aware of Sex and the City by osmosis; in the same way that I know all of the words to most early Take That and New Kids on the Block songs, through having to hear them from my sister’s bedroom when growing up, my wife has three of the box sets of the series and watched regularly on late night comedy channels. And while it didn’t appeal to me, it wasn’t hard to see why it appealed to so many others.

I did go with her to see the original movie at the cinema, under my philosophy that I will see anything she want to. And I thought it was a 4/10 movie. My main issues were twofold; it seemed to continue the trend from the end of the series of undermining the core philosophy of the characters, making them into simpering cyphers rather than the strong role models they once were, and also that it was 152 minutes. That’s the equivalent of almost seven and a half episodes, like going to watch a box set at the cinema. And it was stretched far too long.

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NBC Cancels Heroes: 6 Reasons Why They Should Make A Movie

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Warning: This article presumes that you have watched all four seasons of Heroes. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

I’m now seriously starting to wonder what I’m going to have to watch next season, as all of the US TV hour-long dramas that I was watching are now ending this year. At least 24 is heading into cinemas with the upcoming movie, so we can still get more Jack SackTM action after that ends in a couple of weeks.

The one I’m probably most sad about is actually Heroes, which has just been announced for cancellation. While rumours are already starting of a mid-season TV event to finish the whole thing off, the cinephile in me thinks that it would actually work best if the Heroes of the small screen made the jump to the big screen. Here’s why:

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