The Half Dozen: 6 Most Interesting Looking Trailers For August 2012

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August. Really? I think my calendar may be broken. Where has the year gone? It’s been a challenging year keeping The Movie Evangelist going, mainly as my full time paid job has gotten in the way of pretty much everything else I do. I’ve managed to keep watching films at not far behind last year’s rate (at the end of July last year, I’d seen 87 new films in the cinema and I was up to 79 at the end of July this year), but, along with most of my other nice-to-have interests, the blog has taken a beating, as I got a grand total of two posts up last month, and one of them was the trailers.

Still, if I’m managing to watch films the least I can do is encourage you into trying to do the same, even if it’s proving a struggle to put fingers to keyboard at the moment. But I have a couple of highlights to look forward to: in the absence of an Empire magazine event this year such as Movie-Con or Big Screen, I’ve bought a day pass for FrightFest 2012, so I’m looking forward to a very varied day there at the end of this month, and by the time the month is up I’ll be buying my tickets for the Cambridge Film Festival, running between 13th and 23rd September. Given that I managed 19 films two years ago and 27 last year, the only question is how many, and the answer is probably quite a lot.

But before that, there’s plenty to look forward to, including a new entry in the Bourne series and Richard Ayoade’s attempt to follow Chris O’Dowd into American cinema. Oh, and this lot.

Sound Of My Voice

Despite showing at only a handful of cinemas and getting buried under the Olympics, Brit Marling’s second feature in as many years is a big step up from the overly simplistic Another Earth which landed late last year. On the surface, the ideas are similarly basic, but here the concepts are better handled and there’s more of a sense of ambiguity and tension. I was also sucked in by the video showing the first twelve minutes online, a concept which more films could take advantage of.

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

A fantastic look at a fascinating character, I’m sure, but who knew cats could do that? Seriously, I’ll be trying to train our Pumpkin to do that for months. I may also have to install some suitable door handles, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

The Forgiveness Of Blood

For some reason I keep mixing this up with the Christian Bale film out around the same time. Which I think is called The Flowers Of War. Definitely The Something Of Doo-Dah, anyway. I’m easily confused, I think it’s my age.


A Pixar I’m really not sure about, starting what could be a run of Pixar films I’m not sure about. No matter how good your run of quality is, it can’t go on forever. Apparently nothing outside the first act appears in this trailer, a fact which I look forward to testing, but if true is really how all trailers should be constructed.

The Imposter

It’s been a year for cracking documentaries: in the last month alone I’ve seen some outstanding work in the field, including Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present and Searching For Sugarman. Early word on this one suggests that trend could be continuing.

Berberian Sound Studio

And finally, in honour of FrightFest, a film that pops up there, although sadly not the day I’m there. Thankfully the rest of us don’t have too long to wait. Don’t have nightmares, now.

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