The Half Dozen: 6 Most Interesting Looking Trailers For December 2011

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And here we are, the end of another year, and my first full year writing this blog. For me on a personal level, it’s been a journey I couldn’t have possibly envisaged, as it’s been one where I’ve watched more and more films, but sadly a busy work life and a training course outside of work mean that a few things have had to give, sadly including writing the blog at various points. But I’ve already managed to fit in 157 films in the cinema this year, about three a week, already 30 more than my previous record last year.

But December is always a busy month, with Christmas shopping and carol singing and stuffing turkeys and the like. Of my 127 last year, only six were in December, and this year may represent a similar challenge; as well as doing the equivalent of two full time jobs at the moment, I will be singing in a minimum of thirteen carol concerts and stuffing at least one turkey. (Or possibly a couple of poussin or a guinea fowl; even a teeny tiney turkey is a lot for Mrs Evangelist and I to get through on our own.)

So with film watching time at a premium, some tough choices have to be made. The biggest disappointment this year is the lack of any new Christmas films at Christmas, not least because someone decided it was a good idea to release Arthur Christmas in the middle of November. Last year’s Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale was an unexpected treat, but for a seasonal flavour this year you’ll have to track down one of the many showings of classic Christmas films at your local flicks, such as It’s A Wonderful Life, Die Hard or The Muppet Christmas Carol. I heartily recommend all of the above on the big screen if you get the opportunity, though.

But for those fancying something new, there are hopefully some real treats in store.

Puss In Boots

Cat lovers everywhere are well served by the internet, with the likes of Simon’s Cat and that one that gets excited by cheeseburgers. So if you’re going to spin off any character from Shrek, the cat is probably the obvious choice. But the key player in this might not be the cat at all, but Guillermo Del Toro, who had a hand in the very successful Kung Fu Panda sequel earlier this year. I saw ten minutes of this at Big Screen in the summer, and was almost as in love with it as I am my own cat. And that’s saying something.

Alvin And The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

No, wait, come back! This is here for a reason, and not just so you have to share my pain. But long time readers (hello, both of you) will know that I will go and see anything – and I do mean anything  – at the cinema if my wife wants to see it. St. Trinian’s 1 and 2. Beverley Hills Chihuahua. And both of the Alvin movies, which means I fully expect to be completing the trilogy this month. Still got to be better than Twilight though, hasn’t it? [runs and hides from angry Twilight fans]


I’m breaking my one rule again – well, its more of a guideline these days, let’s face it – and including a trailer here for a film I’ve already seen, but with good reason. Wreckers holds a particular distinction for me as it was filmed in my village, and later this month I’ve a whole selection of articles coming up on the film, including my non-experience of being in the film, an extensive interview with director D R Hood conducted over tea and scones, and a review of the film itself. Stay tuned.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

The year isn’t complete without a trip to the biggest screen in the country, the BFI IMAX in London, which I saw three films at last year, as well as attending their fine movie quiz with other Empire Movie-Con Forumites. It was confirmed today that Mission: Impossible: Stolen Colon will be prefaced by the Dark Knight Rises prologue. My Christmas present to myself this year will be Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg on a screen the size of a penalty area on a football pitch. Lovely.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Oh sorry, of course, my mistake. I meant…

Hang on, we’ll get there in a minute. You wait ages for a Dragon Tattoo trailer and then three come along at once.

The Artist

And finally, a tough decision. This is now a big Oscar contender, and is released on 30th December. In London. For us regional plebs, we have to wait a-whole-nother year, until 2012. Admittedly it’s the 6th January, but imagine the havoc this will play with my year end round-ups. So it’s London on the 30th after work or the 31st, or wait a whole year. But I can’t imagine London being that busy on New Year’s Eve, surely?

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