Review Of The Year 2010: The Top 20 Reviews Of Mine, By Hit Count

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I set out this year to try to encourage people into the cinema again. As much as anything else, cinema as an experience is enhanced by having company, and I seem to be fortunate in that, by and large, the people who cohabit the cinemas that I attend generally observe the rules of etiquette that you would want, keeping their shoes on, not eating nachos too loudly and generally keeping pretty quiet. But one of my purposes was to encourage others to watch movies by sharing my opinions in the form of reviews, so I thought it would be interesting to see which of my reviews garnered most hits, and so most encouraged others to venture out.

So, here’s the list. If you work out what to make of it, do let me know, as I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a bit odd.

20. Winter’s Bone

19. London River

18. The Girl Who Played With Fire

17. Certified Copy

16. The Expendables

15. Scott Pilgrim vs The World

14. The Rebound

13. The Crazies

12. The Illusionist

11. True Legend

10. Black Dynamite

9. Mr. Nice

8. Leaving

7. Chico & Rita

6. Wild Target

5. Dark Souls

4. Round Ireland With A Fridge

3. Heartbreaker

2. The Hole in 3D

1. Inception / IMAX Inception

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