The Friday Encourager: The Cambridge Film Festival 2010

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I’ll keep it short for this week’s second in my new as-regular-as-I-can-remember-it’s-Friday-and-I-need-to-write-one feature, which is simply intended to advise you the best ways to spend the upcoming cinematic week. This weekend, the 30th Cambridge Film Festival draws to a close, and those lovely people who organise it have had the wonderful idea of giving you a second chance to see a couple of the best films already shown this year.

Monsters – Showing today (Friday 24th September) at 14:00

A lovingly crafted, well constructed hybrid of monster movie, road movie and love story, people are trying to compare it to all of those but this feels fresh, original and both epic and intimate.

A Town Called Panic – Showing tomorrow (Saturday 25th September) at 20:00

A piece of surreal madness and wonderment by two Belgian animators about three oddball characters on an odyssey to get the walls of their house back from undersea fish monsters.

And if that’s not enough, there’s still the last part of the Millennium Trilogy, the 3D directorial debut of The Matrix’s fight co-ordinator, an Oscar-nominated animated movie, the surprise film and over two dozen other treats if you’ve got the time. So if you’re in the area, do yourself a favour and try to get to something before it’s all over for another year.

And even if you can’t, then some other Festival highlights, including Winter’s Bone and World’s Greatest Dad, are on at the Arts Picturehouse from Monday. You really have no excuse for not seeing something good this week now.

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