The Half Dozen Special: Cambridge Film Festival 2010

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Regular readers of my blog (there must be at least a couple of you – surely?) will know that I’ve been running a feature at the start of each month called The Half Dozen, where I look at the upcoming releases for the month and pick out a selection of six trailers that have caught my eye. They may not necessarily be the best six, and I may not manage to see all of the movies they relate to, but it’s hopefully been a good guide for myself and anyone else as to what’s around in a given month. (Link at the top of this page if you’d like to see my previous picks.)

However, the Cambridge Film Festival is almost upon us, and having not been to a single movie at the festival in the entire time I’ve lived in this area (just over three years), I’m making up for it in spades this year. I’m having a particularly cinematic summer, and after a double bill at the BFI IMAX in July and a trip to the BFI / Empire Movie-Con in August, my September is taking things to another level.

So rather than pick out just six, here’s the trailers for all of the movies I’m planning to see (and by that, I have already bought the tickets), with the exception of the surprise film on the final day, which I’m desperately trying not to speculate about. Unlike my usual feature, I’m not going to comment on each individual trailer, but I will say that I have skewed slightly towards a mainstream sensibility with my choices – there are a few more obscure pics in there, but by and large I’m picking off a lot of the larger movies. There are still a few I wish I had chance to see, but sadly I have a life outside movies and eighteen is the best compromise I could do. Maybe next year. I would encourage you to check out all the streams of the festival if you’re in the area and have the time, though.

With this, of course, you could form an accurate calendar of my movements over that period, but be aware that I do have a limited readership, so anyone using this to burgle my house will be on a short list of suspects. Thank you. (I mean it – don’t burgle my house.)

Winter’s Bone


Enter The Void

Mr Nice

World’s Greatest Dad

The Desert of Forbidden Art

A Town Called Panic


Two In The Wave

Round Ireland With A Fridge

You, The Living


True Legend 3D

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest

Dark Souls

The People vs. George Lucas

Made In Dagenham

Edit: after starting the festival, and discovering that I had a gap I ended up adding in a nineteenth film, because obviously eighteen just wasn’t enough:

Pelican Blood

And the surprise film turned out to be Chico & Rita, which was indeed a surprise, and was great.

Chico & Rita


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