The Jason Bateman Good-Will-O-Meter™

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Bateman receives the good news about the Good-Will-O-Meter™

Jason Bateman. Born January 1969 in Rye, New York, and has had an extensive career in TV and movies stretching all the way back to 21 episodes of Little House On The Prairie. (Aw.) In his career, he seems to have exemplified the actor who makes a wide variety of artistic choices, ranging from the more serious (State of Play, The Kingdom) to the more humourous (Starsky and Hutch). Some of those projects have built up an awful lot of good will for the actor, most prominently the TV series Arrested Development, which sadly is not appreciated in its time and will have to be discovered by future generations.

Not only has that good will been built up, it can sometimes quickly be eroded, for example with the release of this week’s “The Switch”, because the last thing the world needs right now is another sub-par Jennifer Aniston rom-com. So to see where are feelings are towards Mr Bateman, I have created this handy Good-Will-O-Meter™. As our good will increases, it swings to the left, as it decreases it swings to the right. Red projects are good will generating, green suck out that good will. (Anything just “meh”, such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, is not shown.) The amount of good will generated is the length of the specific project in minutes, so there’s one significant item that counts in Bateman’s favour.

The Jason Bateman Good-Will-O-Meter™

So currently, we have more good will towards Jason Bateman. That’s all right, then.

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