My name’s Mark, and I’m a cinema-aholic

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With any addiction, sometimes it takes the counsel of those around you to help you realise you’ve got a problem. I’ve now seen 59 movies at the cinema this year, four of which I’ve seen twice for varying reasons. I want to see Splice tomorrow, but it’s a bit of a trek to the nearest place showing it, and I’ll have the car for a few hours before that as well. Unfortunately, the only thing I’ve not seen also showing at that cinema is The Rebound. However, after this post (when you’ll see in the comments someone already called me nuts and stupid), I feel in some way honour bound to see that through to its logical conclusion.

I’m also a Twitter addict, and will happily get caught up in any of the latest trends. So when the #filmconfessions hash tag started yesterday, I chipped in with:

I also confessed to the Catherine Zeta Jones plan for the weekend. Thanks then, to RickProcter, who replied with this wake-up call.

I realise that, on reflection, this isn’t strictly true. I have seen The Elephant Man, and I did go to see Dune for my 11th birthday, but it’s one of only three movies I’ve ever walked out on. However, I have some Lynch bought, downloaded (not to mention six Kurosawa movies), and I’m going to pay to watch a CZJ romcom this weekend that I know won’t be any good before I see it, rather than one of the aforementioned movies that I already own and can see for free.

So I think I have a problem. For this weekend, I will be watching Mulholland Dr. via whatever medium I can to address the balance. But tell me, do I have an out of control addiction? Do I need help? And if so, where can I get it?

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