Catherine Zeta Jones: Is There Something Wrong With Her Face?

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Just asking. Wait, better explain. The purpose of this site is to advocate cinema attendance as life choice as regularly as possible, and so consequently I see a lot of things in cinemas, some of which I wonder whether I’ve seen or not.

Went to see Greenberg last night, and had a completely random selection of trailers, one of which was for the upcoming Catherine Zeta Jones yuck-fest The Rebound. Now I’d like to think I’m not descending completely into male chauvinism in my old age, but pardon me for saying that CZJ, once upon a time, was incredibly hot. (For anyone in the UK, I’m talking The Darling Buds of May era here, before she married the scary old man or started appearing in films with them.)

But there was something coming over which seems to only be visible on the big screen. Having sucked it up and re-watched the trailer below, maybe you need to see it on the big screen, or maybe it’s just me, but it looks like Catherine has something wrong with her face. I’m not enough of an expert on these matters to judge, so maybe she’s felt the need for a bit of Botox, or maybe she’s keeping the same fixed expression for fear of catching old man disease (which would explain why she’s playing against men much younger now), or maybe it’s just the effect of the picture she’s got in her attic starting to kick in, but on the big screen something looked scarily wrong with her face, as if the special effects guys who made the young faces in X-Men 3 were now invading random movies.

So maybe that’s a slightly odd recommendation for seeing movies at the cinema, but there you go. Anyway, watch it if you dare. You won’t see it here, but if it comes on before a movie near you, then be afraid. Be very afraid.

EDIT: Having seen this trailer twice more since on the big screen, the bit where it’s most obvious is where she’s on the street and she and her friend are talking about a chiropractor and they see Justin Bartha  from a distance. I may end up seeing the whole movie to bottom this out once and for all.

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4 thoughts on “Catherine Zeta Jones: Is There Something Wrong With Her Face?

    frank said:
    July 1, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    Dude are you nuts or just stupid? Maybe both. Could you please get some glasses? CZJ is by far one of the hottest women around. You obviously have issue that perhaps a little testing of your prostate could help along maybe a lobotomy. Ya know to raise your IQ! LOL. Too dumb.

      movieevangelist responded:
      July 1, 2010 at 3:33 pm

      Probably both, and I already have glasses, so it can’t be that. I would agree that, up until yesterday evening, I would have no doubts about Ms Jones, but she is 41 this year, and I can understand how everyone would feel the need for a little assistance when getting to that age. While I will probably just go for the concrete face mask when I get to that age, if indeed I have any vanity left by then, there must be a lot of pressure if you’re that in the public eye, and she just didn’t look… right.

      When you consider that Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, Juliette Binoche, and Salma Hayek, among countless others, are much more the wrong side of 40, and manage to look good without looking slightly plastic or oddly stretched, you then have to question how much personal vanity is kicking in, or how much the cinematographer’s and lighting director’s fees should be withdrawn for achieving that effect, at least in the trailer I saw.

      Anyway, maybe this is a cunning strategy to distract us from the fact that the trailer is yet another that appears to give away nine tenths of the plot, and not one of those tenths looks even remotely appealing for anyone with active brain cells. Hope that massive pay cheque allows CZJ to keep up whatever she’s doing.

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