Why I didn’t blog much last week, as described using the Scott Pilgrim trailer

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Gah! All that work getting a blog set up, then it turns out you actually have to keep writing stuff and there are no magical elves, fairies or David Copperfields that will do it for you. So I’ve not managed to generate much in the way of new content in the past week. Here’s what I was up to.

(By the way, I am kind of odd looking and bordering on ginger. I think if he was slightly taller, Michael Cera could play me in The Movie Evangelist: The Movie. This would be very flattering on me, though.)


Started the working week. Worked hard. My wife had the car which meant I was stranded at home. Bummer.


Got a life, or at least what passes for one for me. Out rehearsing for a concert later in the week.


Had phone call from nice man at mobile phone network offering me new iPhone, couriered round to my house the next day. Thanked him very much indeed.

Took up residence by the front door waiting for the package to arrive.


Still sat waiting by letterbox like small child for iPhone to arrive. (See previous image.)

iPhone courier arrived. Slightly less attractive than Mary Elizabeth Winstead, but hey, I’m working with what I’ve got here. (Also, it says “Dong” in that picture. Snigger.)

Fell in love with new iPhone, if you imagine that my phone is Ramona that’s pretty much what happened. Maybe good that you don’t see an actual picture of that. It wasn’t pretty. Especially when the forward camera took a photo of me in extreme close up half way through.


Did the concert. I sing in choirs (I’m a tenor, thanks for asking), but you must understand that any choir willing to draft me in as a last minute extra man can only be about as good as this. Had great time, though.


Fulfilled a fifteen year ambition by going to see They Might Be Giants at the Royal Festival Hall in London. It was about ten kinds of awesome, which I felt washing over me during the evening. The highlight for me was the pirate / James Mason version of “Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Sun Is A Mass Of Incandescent Gas)”. Although maybe you had to be there. (And, as we all know, the sun is actually a miasma of incandescent plasma anyway. Lookee.)


England played Germany at football. This happened to the England team, and most of us watching.

So sorry I’ve not posted much this past week, as you can see it’s been rather hectic. Right, now I’m off to fight seven evil exes.

Or possibly just have breakfast. That’ll be good too.

P.S. If you wondered what the heck this was all about, you’ve obviously not seen this, and beome as stupidly excited as me.

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