My iPhone obsession, part 1: How my iPhone helps my movie obsession

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I’m 6′ 2″, 227 lbs, reddish hair and I have a small black shiny thing growing out of my right arm. Yes, I love my iPhone, more than any other piece of technology I’ve ever owned, to the extent where our relationship has become almost symbiotic (and to where I’ve used it so much that the battery lasts about 20 minutes without me recharging).

But the reason my iPhone has become so close to me, and why my hand will over the course of my lifetime evolve into some sort of dock shape for easier carrying, is that it’s not only ergonomically close to perfect, but it has helped me make my life easier in my work and also in everything I do in my spare time (and I don’t just spend my life in the cinema, surprisingly).

But that does include my movie obsessions. If we take the journey through a particular movie’s life:

Monday / Tuesday: Start checking Movies and Screenrush apps to see what’s coming out near me, or what I want to see but might have to travel a bit for. Both also have ratings (Movies has user ratings plus Rotten Tomatoes scores) to help my decision making process. I’m nothing if not fickle.

Midweek: Check reviews, including handy Empire app which has every review they’ve ever written, stored on my phone. Also use IMDb app to check general consensus if movie was already released somewhere else. (Just in case Empire hasn’t got it exactly right. *cough* 5 stars for Attack of the Clones *cough*).

Friday: Use Guardian app (for I am an unashamed liberal – hey, we are in government now!) to see what they think, plus catch up on the latest movie news in their extensive film section.

Weekend: Time to actually see the film. If going out with the missus, might get some food. If very organised, book in town with Toptable. If less organised, will use vouchers earned with Tesco Clubcard for a regular meal. If eating on own and feeling extravagent, will get takeaway from Wagamama, ordered for when movie finishes. If feeling chav, will get takeaway from McDonalds. Sadly I don’t need their app, I know where they are. For shame.

En route to cinema: If travelling a long way or to a new cinema, might use Google Maps if walking, or NDrive sat nav software if driving. (Sat nav for a fiver. Absolute bargain. Helps me to spend less time in McDonalds as well.) Resist temptation to watch movies on iPod while driving, although I have a few soundtracks loaded for mood setting.

In the cinema: Have arrived too early, and now have to sit through the adverts before we get to the trailers (most of which I’ve probably already watched, on my iPhone of course). Have the choice of either letting my followers know what I’m up to; I use Echofon as it syncs with Firefox, or play one of my many games, most of which work well on low lighting, as I’ve by now turned the brightness right down to be fair to those actually watching the adverts. All two of you.

After the movie: Back to Echofon if I have any strong reactions or odd occurrences, on to Amazon UK to add it to my wish list (score of 7, order on DVD; 8 or better and it’s the Blu-ray), although as I will wait for the price to come down will also add to my Love Film list if I went on my own and think my wife should watch it as well. Also, back to Movies to add my rating, which also publishes to Facebook so my real life friends get my opinion, whether they like it or not.

And that’s it. My experience of going to a single movie, completely revolutionised by my technology obsession. Just think – 15 years ago, when I started this, I’d just read a magazine or the paper, turn up, buy my popcorn and then tell a few friends what I thought afterwards. And where was the fun in that?

Coming up in this series:

Part 2: Why I fear the iPhone 4 may adversely affect my movie-going, but I’m getting it anyway

Part 3: My experience of watching movies on my iPhone (and my tiny Nokia before that)

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