The Half Dozen: 6 Most Interesting Looking Movies for June

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Thought I’d try an experiment. Seeing the amount of movies that I do, I not only try to plan ahead as far as possible, but it’s my hope that there is enough worth watching each month to justify the amount of my spare time I spend at the cinema. So for this month, I’ve picked out six movies that look interesting.

Just to qualify that description, I’m not saying that these are going to be the best six movies released, just that these six have caught my eye and, unless they get especially bad reviews before release, I’m likely to be lining up to see these at some point.

At the end of the month, I’ll see how far I got with this six, and if anything else I saw should have made this list. Here goes.

EDIT: Apologies, the embedded videos here originally were generating huge amounts of spam, so have been replaced with links. I hope this doesn’t spoil your enjoyment of this page.

The Killer Inside Me

Michael Winterbottom seems to have divided the critics and stirred up controversy with this one. Will be interesting to see if the cast all bring their A-game, especially given the varied acting talents on show.

The Brothers Bloom

Rachel Weisz rarely makes bad choices, and the trailer sells it as a fair amount of fun. Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo are less consistent in the material that they pick, so here’s hoping they picked well. This one does seem to have been hanging around a while, but hopefully that’s not a reflection of the quality.


Refreshing to see Ben Stiller not in a poor quality, mainstream Hollywood comedy, and there looks to be a good supporting cast. Word of mouth looks strong on this one at present.

Wild Target

Here’s where the definition of interesting comes in, because I can’t escape the feeling with this one that this is a collection of people who deserve quality material but should’ve known better. Would like for this to turn out to be good, but I’m nervous.

The Time That Remains

I do like to get a good mix of the art house and the mainstream, and there’s a lot of smaller films coming out this month – this looks to be the pick of that crop.


Francis Ford Coppola is responsible for some of the greatest works of cinema of the seventies, and while this is not expected to be one of his major works, it should still be worth spending time with.

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